Heather R. Sulte, DDS, MS, PC

Our Office

Regular office hours are as follows:
Monday thru Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


We make every effort to honor all time commitments and request that you extend the same courtesy to us. On occasion, emergencies can alter the scheduling slightly. If a scheduling delay arises, we will make every effort to contact you prior to your appointment and inform you of the delay.If you miss an appointment without giving 24-hour notice on two occasions, we will refer you back to your general dentist.

Telephone Calls

You are encouraged to call with any questions that you might have concerning your oral health. Our staff is well qualified to answer most questions. If your call requires that you speak with the dentist, Dr. Sulte will return your call at the earliest opportunity.

Emergency Care

If you are a patient of record at our office, and you have a dental emergency, we will do our best to respond to your needs promptly. Please contact the office as early in the day as possible so we can triage the emergency and provide the best care for your condition.  In the event the office is closed, your phone call to the regular office number will route you to our after hours number and we will respond as soon as possible. If Dr. Sulte is unavailable we recommend that you call your general dentist's office.

Recall Visits

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your treatment, we may ask you to return for a recall visit to check the status of healing, etc. We will inform you at the time of treatment whether or not a recall appointment is necessary.

At the time of your recall visit, please advise the receptionist of any change in the following areas:

1) Address                               

2) Telephone number              

3) Health considerations

4) Medications being taken

5) Insurance coverage        

6) Employment status

We will telephone you on the day preceding the recall appointment in order to confirm your reserved time. Please assist us with this service by keeping us advised of any changes in your telephone number.